Alternative Root Canal Treatment and Ozone Therapy, Case #1

Alternative Root Canal Treatment and Ozone Therapy, Case #1

Joni, a 53-year-old female, schoolteacher experienced toothache and sensitivity on her upper right 2nd premolar during the Christmas holidays in 2007. She was prescribed antibiotics for two weeks by her dentist. X-rays showed an infection at the bottom of the root. Her dentist referred her to see an endodontist, a root canal specialist. The endodontist wanted to do root canal treatment. Her ex-husband had received ozone autochemotherapy for lung cancer, so Joni was familiar with this procedure. She knew that ozone therapy could kill infections, relieve trauma and boost the immune system. She began looking for a San Diego Holistic Dentist who is experienced in ozone therapy. Her friend referred her to see me in January of 2008 for ozone therapy for that tooth.

I did four weekly sessions of ozone treatment. She felt better after the first treatment and sent me an email one month later “tooth not hurting, feels good.” Five months after treatment she came in for a follow-up and her X-rays showed bone regeneration at the bottom of the root.

The alternative root canal treatment procedures were:

  • Ozone gas insufflating through the nose and the ear, clean up the head area first.
  • Injecting sterile ozone gas into the jawbone close to the root tip area.
  • Injecting sterile ozone gas and immune support cocktail to the nerve, blood vessels, and lymphatic drainage bundle areas on both side.
  • Guna homeopathy remedies for about 3 months.

La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry has offered alternative root canal treatment for more than five years. We repeatedly remove the infection from the tooth and boost immune system, so the tooth heals by itself. Our success rate with alternative root canal treatment is close to 95 percent if the infection is caught at early stage using Dr. Chen’s, a San Diego holistic dentist, ozone therapy protocol.

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