Gum Infection

Gum Infection

The very foundation of your most beautiful smile is optimal oral health, including both teeth and gums. Research also shows us that oral health is closely associated with general health. At the La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry, we are careful about the detection and treatment of gum disease, removing infection in such a way as to minimize the risk of future problems while at the same time promoting comfort and safety.

To treat gum disease properly, we begin with the right kind of testing. Our San Diego holistic dental practice is equipped with the Micro-iDent Plus, a test for periodontal risk that can identify more than ten different bacterial pathogens that are commonly seen in periodontal infection. This test is easy to perform and comfortable for the patient. Most importantly, it helps us determine the most effective form of treatment for the thorough elimination of infection.

Traditional dental treatment for gum disease includes cleaning the teeth and their roots. In cases of advanced periodontal disease, antibiotics may be prescribed, or surgery may be scheduled. These methods treat the infection, but do not address the whole body and the balance that is needed for optimal health and wellbeing. In our La Jolla dental office, Dr. Chen provides ozone treatments for the elimination of the bacteria that lead to gum disease, avoiding surgical procedures. Our patients also benefit from expanded treatment including herbal supplements and education on the lifestyle habits that promote oral health.

Ozone therapy

Ozone is a natural element, a form of oxygen that has been energized. Within the dental practice, ozone can be created through the precise combination of electricity and oxygen. When applied to body tissues, ozone has the power to improve blood flow, facilitate rapid healing, and stimulate inherent immune defenses.

Non-toxic ozone kills the microorganisms that cause health issues, such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria, while posing no risk to general health. We use this powerful therapy for the safe and effective treatment of gum disease, as well as in other procedures such as root canal therapy. Ozone can be applied in several ways, even injected into infected bone tissue for rapid healing.

Oral hygiene

We have all been told since our earliest dental visits that brushing and flossing are steps to optimal oral health. We agree with this practice, and encourage our patients to brush at least twice a day, and floss every day. However, these steps do not always fully meet the needs of the individual. Working with Dr. Chen at the La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry, you will discover what is needed by your body to reach optimal health, and have a support team helping you reach your healthiest smile.

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