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Personalized Care

At our local dental practice, you aren't just a number; you're a part of our family! Our experienced dentists offer personalized care to all of our patients.

Advanced Technology

Our staff ensures that our dental office is equipped with the latest technology so that we can give you the safest and most accurate dental care possible. Our cutting-edge equipment was designed with your comfort in mind.

Prevention Focused

We don't just treat dental problems after they happen. Our experienced dentists want to ensure that we help you prevent dental issues before they even occur.

About Us

We are a family-friendly dental practice that treats patients of all ages and works to create lifelong relationships with our patients and their families. We want to ensure that everyone in our office receives treatments in a comfortable and relaxed environment. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of dental services by using cutting-edge equipment with compassionate care.

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Whether you are undergoing a dental procedure that requires sedation or you wish to calm your nerves, sedation dentistry may be the solution for you. This is the use of anesthesia and/or medication to make a patient feel more at ease. It can also be used for patients who have a strong gag reflex or low pain tolerance. Forms of sedation include nitrous oxide (commonly referred to as “laughing gas”), IV sedation, oral sedatives, and general anesthesia, each producing a different level of sedation varying from a relaxed state to going to sleep.

Sedation Dentistry

Restorative dentistry refers to procedures that address oral health problems to restore the function or appearance of the mouth. La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry is proud to offer a variety of these procedures to help the patients of San Diego achieve optimal oral health.

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Restorative Dentistry

La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry is equipped and ready to handle any dental issue you may encounter in San Diego, whether it is an oral injury, disease or infection, or some other problem. Our goal is to help our patients reach and maintain good oral health. However, we prefer that they avoid facing any dental problems in the first place. We believe in preventive care, taking care of the teeth, and gums in a way to prevent dental issues from developing.

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Preventive Care

Everyone wants a beautiful smile. Some people are fortunate to have a naturally bright and straight smile, while others may need a little work. Sometimes, an oral injury or personal habits like coffee-drinking or smoking can hinder the look of your smile. If this is the case for you, you may benefit from cosmetic dentistry. At La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry, we offer a variety of treatments that can address aesthetic issues with your smile. We will work with you to achieve the smile you want in San Diego.

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Cosmetic Dentistry
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