I came to Dr. Chen about three months ago in a quite jam. I had an infected tooth and advanced periodontal disease. Dr. Chen treated me with such care as well as professionalism and this was just what I needed. Because I have an autoimmune condition she also presented some options to help my overall immune system through ozone and UV therapy which I have heard of but never done before. Wow what a difference these treatments made in my overall health and energy level! The effect was very palpable.

Over the past three month I have been seeing Dr. Chen for ozone treatment and dental care I have been continually impressed with her holistic methods and knowledge and by her commitment and passion to treating patients in a way that works with body not against it.. In the end I have this beautiful smile to show for it! Thank you Dr. Chen

Nikki P

Dr. Chen is the kindest and genuinely caring individual I have ever met.

Trevor J

I truly believe that choosing Dr. Chen as my holistic dentist has contributed to my improved health in more ways than one.

Julie K

I have been a patient of Dr. Chen for many years (since 1994). She has done extensive work for me, replacing a bridge, several crowns, as well as upper and lower implants.

Katie G

She consistently does outstanding work, taking the time to get everything perfect.

Andrea P

What I particularly appreciate about Dr. Chen, besides her skills as an excellent dentist, is that she always listens to my concerns.

Jordan M

I am a grateful patient of Dr. Fen – Hui Chen . Although at age 71, I have retained most of my teeth, I do have very special needs.

Linda J

Dr. Chen worked closely with me, teaching me how to do my part in maintaining the health of my teeth and gums.

Sharon T

Her meticulous cleaning technique-for-infections insure rapid healing.

Carol D

For anyone looking for a holistic dentist that will give your teeth and body the most attentive and up-to-date care, I highly recommend Dr.Chen

Denver S

I just want to thank you for all of your work to restore my smile. You made me feel very comfortable the entire time – all done without the typical discomfort.

Sandra D

Please allow more frequent cleanings without the need for exams.

Javier R

Patient is happy with our frequent cleanings accommodation.

Hitoshi O Customer since 2014

It would be impossible to receive any better care than what Dr. Chen has given me. I recommend her when given the opportunity. Everyone in the office are great.

Gary G Customer since 2009

very pleased.

Helen D Customer since 2014

The staff and doctor are really informative and want to preform the least invasive procedures possible.

I took my 6 yr old son to Dr.Chen after going to a pediatric dentist who wanted to cap two of my sons baby teeth. I was not comfortable with that treatment so I went to Dr.Chen. Dr.Chen was able to fill one of the teeth and then applied ozone therapy to the other.

I am very happy with the outcome.

Aris F Customer since 2014

was great except for the drive

Patricia S Customer since 2014

Very attentive and thorough 😉

Jennifer M Customer since 2013

Dr. Chen does good work, she takes the time to explain problems and solutions, and I appreciate her holistic approach to dentistry. The fact that she won’t fill your mouth with mercury puts her on the short list of dentists even worth considering in San Diego.

Ryan D Customer since 2011

We love, love, LOVE Dr. Chen and her staff!!!! After our third trip down to San Diego for more UBI and Ozone treatments for our daughter Nicole, we can happily say that Nicole is feeling so much better after being sick for two years! Thanks, Dr. Chen, for not only your professional service, but for your caring attitude. We feel honored to have you as our friend.


Cher and Nicole Kent

Nicole K Customer since 2013

Once again, our visit with Dr. Chen and her staff was such a positive experience. My daughter Nicole has been sick for two years now and is undergoing the UBI and Ozone therapy treatments given by Dr. Chen. This was our second visit and we are finally seeing some positive results with Nicole’s health. Although this is a six-hour drive for us, it is well worth our time, and we look forward to our next visit to continue on with the additional treatments. Thanks, Dr. Chen, for your caring heart; you are truly a gem!


Cher and Nicole Kent

Nicole K Customer since 2013

My family and I have been going to Dr Chen for about five years now. Many times when we do, we are paying out of pocket for her services but find that it is definitely worth it because I have had such bad experiences with other dentists in San Diego. She is definitely holistically minded and sees beyond the teeth to the health of the rest of your body as well. Her knowledge of ozone, proper mercury filling removal, herbs, supplements and homeopathics leaves nothing to be desired. Dr Chen is so incredibly honest and caring that I recommend her to everyone.

Jenny M Customer since 2008

My daughter Nicole recently was treated with UBI and Ozone treatments for her ongoing ill health due to cavitations in all four corners of her jaw area where her wisdom teeth were extracted.

Traveling from out-of-town, we immediately felt right at home by the warm welcome we received from Dr. Chen, Rebekah, and Bryce. Dr. Chen and her staff truly care for their patients’ medical and personal needs by spending quality time and providing professional service.

It’s not every day that you can say you look forward to returning to the dentist’s office, but Nicole and I are truly looking forward to visiting Dr. Chen and her staff again for her extra needed treatments.

Thanks for being a light in our lives and giving us hope…we appreciate all of you!

Cher and Nicole Kent

Nicole K Customer since 2013

Dr. Chen is very good at what she does. She helped save a tooth that had a huge cavity and used ozone theraphy..which I loved! The office staff is great!!

Jenilyn A Customer since 2013

Dr. Chen has worked wonders with my teeth; compromised by an early childhood infection that prevented normal enamel formation. Each time she has found a problem (usually related to earlier less-capable dental practitioners), her extensive holistic experience and intense perfectionism has made things come together in truly remarkable ways. Recovery has always been far less complicated than earlier dental experiences.

Baron , C. C Customer since 2007

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