Holistic Gum Treatment

Holistic Gum Treatment

Maintaining healthy gums is just as important as keeping teeth strong and disease-free. Dr. Chen has the training and experience to help you enjoy your best health, starting with the mouth. Gum Disease is a problem that affect millions of people. The more we have learned about this problem, the better we have been able to find necessary information on how to recognize the disease process. We find it incredibly important to help our patients handle gum disease by taking a proactive approach. The earlier we can detect signs of gum disease, the better we can apply the most suitable form of treatment.

To facilitate detection, the La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry offers specialized DNA testing that is comfortable and easy to complete. Using the Micro-IDent testing system, we can identify 11 of the most common bacterial pathogens that are associated with infections in gum tissue and periodontal pockets. These pathogens fit into one of four groups, for which specific therapies can be applied.

The Micro-IDent test is highly effective, and takes only seconds to complete. A paper point is inserted into the periodontal pocket, and saliva is collected. This small sample is sent to a lab, which detects the types of bacteria present in the oral cavity. This form of testing helps us identify those who are at a higher risk for gum disease, devise a suitable therapy for existing bacterial infections, and monitor progress of treatment.

Every organ in the body is interconnected. The health of teeth and gums directly impact systemic health. The presence of overactive bacteria in the mouth not only threatens healthy gums, which are important for the stability of teeth. Bacteria also travel to all other parts of the body, where the infection process continuously spreads. What better way to guard your health than to precisely address the specific forms of bacteria that are creating infectious processes? Our skilled team of holistic dental professionals can help you enjoy the health you deserve. Contact us to address dental issues, and to experience a whole new way of caring for oral and overall health.

“I am a grateful patient of Dr. Fen – Hui Chen . Although at age 71, I have retained most of my teeth, I do have very special needs.”

~ Linda J

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