Minor Autohemotherapy

Minor Autohemotherapy

For more than 150 years, medical ozone has been used to disinfect wounds and treat various diseases. By this time, the effectiveness of this holistic treatment has been well documented. This substance has been used to treat drinking water, and has been the topic of several publications, dating all the way back to 1885 (Dr. Charles J. Kenworth). The 1929 book “Ozone and its Therapeutic Actions” described how ozone could be used to treat 114 different diseases effectively.

There are various applications for ozone therapy used around the world. Dr. Chen uses this powerhouse substance in a number of ways, including autohemotherapy. This method of applying ozone to the body has been used since at least 1913, when French doctor Paul Ravaut documented the process. Autohemotherapy is the act of treating one’s own blood with ozone, and sometimes, other healthy substances such as herbal or homeopathic solutions, and reintroducing it into the body. Still used widely in Europe as well as South America, autohemotherapy is applied in the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation, infections, circulatory disorders, fungal infections, acne, eczema, and many other conditions.

Minor Autohemotherapy

Minor autohemotherapy removes a small amount of blood from a person using normal means. This blood is then infused with a prescribed amount of medical ozone, to which no allergies exist. Within the blood, ozone activates immune cells to produce a number of health benefits:

  • Increased oxygen within tissues, organs, and cells
  • Increased circulation
  • Activation of immune functions
  • Acceleration of wound healing
  • Detoxification

In minor autohemotherapy, blood is returned to the body through an intramuscular injection, revitalizing the immune system in a general way. Many practitioners use this form of ozone therapy to improve general health and well-being, including a heightened resistance to both mental and physical stress, as well as to treat allergies.

Dr. Chen is a San Diego holistic dentist with a great deal of knowledge and skill, and years of experience in the use of medical ozone. Contact our office, located in beautiful La Jolla, to experience the immense benefits of ozone therapy.

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