Ozone + UBI therapy

Ozone + UBI therapy

When we hear the term oxidation, we most likely associate this with free radicals, and our responsibility to protect ourselves with antioxidants. Oxidants, however, when used therapeutically, have been shown extremely beneficial in treating a variety of conditions including fungal and viral infections, as well as chronic joint pain and arthritis. Ozone is among the most powerful of natural therapies. Combined with UBI, or ultraviolet irradiated blood therapy, we are able to produce astonishing results in immune system function and oxidative metabolism.

Ozone + UBI therapy is comfortable and convenient, as well as extremely effective in the treatment of a wide variety of chronic conditions. This form of holistic treatment treats the blood with both ozone and UV light. First, a small amount of blood is drawn in a conventional manner. A mixture of ozone is then added to the blood in a sterilized compartment, where UV light is also applied to the mixture.

After a few minutes, the solution is re-infused into the body via a drip line. Combining these two modalities creates a powerful weapon that combats disease processes, addressing the most common biological factors of disease, right at the cellular level.

It is not necessarily what is added into the blood that creates healing, but the effect of the treated blood once it is reintroduced to the body. Within the system, treated blood can:

  • Increase the capabilities for oxygenation.
  • Correct mitochondrial energy deficiencies.
  • Stimulate lymphatic detoxification by restoring functional chylomicron Brownian movement within the blood.
  • Activate immune cells, as well as cytokine production, including tumor necrosis factors. This activation aids in the destruction of various microorganisms, fungi, viruses, and bacteria.
  • Increase antioxidants within cells to fight oxidative stress.
  • Facilitate the destruction of cancer cells.

Most of us are unaware of the vital necessity of oxidants to our health. Most illnesses are not actually due to oxidant stress, or excessive exposure to free radicals, but rather due to our inability to buffer free radicals through adequate intracellular proteins. Applying oxidative therapy in measured doses restores this capacity to buffer free radicals, activates immune function, and corrects cellular oxygen metabolism.

Once the blood treated with ozone and UBI therapy is reintroduced into the system, two things happen: this blood delivers small doses of UV light energy into the body, and the immune system gets a blueprint of destroyed bacteria, which it analyzes and creates antibodies for. You could call this type of autohemotherapy the ultimate form of vaccination, carrying the power to create antibodies without the addition of harmful substances such as aluminum or mercury.

Ozone and UBI therapy have been used separately and together for more than a century. Dr. Chen is a San Diego holistic dentist with the extensive background, training, and expertise to help you achieve ultimate health with this alternative medicine therapy.

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