Alternative Root Canal Treatment and Ozone Therapy, Case #3

Alternative Root Canal Treatment and Ozone Therapy, Case #3

Susan, a 46 year-old female, hadn’t seen a dentist in over four years and was suffering from a toothache in the lower right area of her mouth. On a dental visit in December 2010, a big cavity was found on #31 in the lower right 2nd molar. The X-ray showed infection on the bottom of the root. Her dentist suggested root canal treatment (RCT), but she didn’t want to have the RCT. She was looking for a San Diego Holistic Dentist who is experienced in ozone therapy and she came to visit me. She was asking if there was anything I could do as an alternative. After examination, I found that the cavity was very deep. I told her that without physically removing the infected cavity I would not be able to see how much the nerve was involved. I provided her with the following choices:

If the cavity did not involve the nerve – meaning no nerve exposure the treatments were

  • Ozone treatment of the cavity
  • Fill the cavity
  • Ozone injection into the jawbone around the root tip plus Guna homeopathy remedies.

If cavity penetrated the nerve, meaning there was nerve exposure the treatments were:

  • RCT – conventional RCT plus ozonated water irrigation and ozone gas infusing each canal.
  • Follow-up in six months. If the infection at the root tip didn’t heal, then four weekly ozone therapy treatments, injecting ozone into the jawbone around the root tips area were required.

She was lucky. I found that the nerve was not exposed. I performed treatment #1. At the end of treatment, the symptoms were relieved and the tooth was back to normal function.

La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry has offered alternative root canal treatment for more than five years. We repeatedly remove the infection from the tooth and boost the immune system. Therefore, the tooth heals by itself. Our success rate of alternative root canal treatment is close to 95 percent if infection is caught at early stage using Dr. Chen’s, a San Diego holistic dentist, ozone therapy protocol.

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