Alternative Root Canal Treatment and Ozone Therapy, Case #2

Alternative Root Canal Treatment and Ozone Therapy, Case #2

Apr 01, 2020

Jennifer, an early 50-year-old female executive visited La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry in Oct. 2011 from Santa Barbara.

She complained of sensitivity to hot and cold on her upper right molar area and was unable to chew on her lower left molar area. The problem had been on and off for a couple months, but was getting worse within the past two weeks. She also mentioned that all four molars had crowns. She had felt weary since the crowns on lower left molars were placed. She said that her dentist at the time suggested Root Canal Treatment and referred her to an endodontist for a second opinion. The endodontist also agreed to do root canal treatment. She learned Dr. Chen, a holistic dentist in San Diego, offered alternative root canal treatment.

Dr. Chen is highly experienced in alternative root canal treatment, using a combination of ozone therapy, prolotherapy and complex homeopathy remedies. Dr. Chen injected an immune support cocktail around the root tip area followed by ozone gas injection. This procedure was repeated a few times, each visit about four to seven days apart. Elizabeth also took complex homeopathy remedies to enhance immunity and help her body fight the infection in her mouth.

After the second session, the symptoms of her upper molars improved 75 percent, and lower molars were getting better, as well. At the end of treatment, her upper molar was completely free from sensitivities. The lower molar area was about 70 percent improved, which was expected, as it was more complicated. She continued taking homeopathic remedies for about three months. She called a few days ago and reported that the lower molar area was improving day by day. La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry offers alternative root canal treatment-– a San Diego holistic dentist’s ozone therapy protocol.

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